UPS AWP AID1500 1500va 900watts Kод продукта: 228

155.00 AZN

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Product Descriptions:


- Microprocessor-based digital control technology
- Faster and more accurate processing of data
- Wide Input Voltage Range
- Aide UPS is capable of handling a wide input voltage range, supplying clean power in extreme circumstances. It has excellent voltage regulation ability with an ultra-wide input voltage range from 80 ~ 150 Vac or 145 ~ 295 Vac.
- Built-in AVR
- Aide UPS provides stable power to connected devices in unstable power conditions.
- It has built-in automatic voltage regulator, safety running in a wide voltage range, reduces the using of battery, prolongs the life of battery, especially suitable for power fluctuations or poor power areas, supplying clean power in extreme circumstances.
- Surge protection
- Built-in precisely controlled power protection circuit, eliminate the interference of low voltage and surge, thus protecting the equipment against voltage spikes.
- Short-circuit and overload protection

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Категории Источник бесперебойного питания (UPS)

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